GYROTONIC® movement was developed by Juliu Horvarth and is highly regarded by dancers, athletes and those who wish to experience a new awareness of their body. It is also used successfully as a rehabilitative measure, after injury or illness.

GYROTONIC® movement helps increase the functional capacity of the entire body in a harmonious way. It increases the mobility of joints and reduces compression, alleviate stiffness of the spine, and provides a gentle cardiovascular training. It helps discover a balanced center and stimulates the regenerartion of the body, whilst developing flexibility and coordination.

Fluid spiral and circular movements are practiced using a specially developed pulley tower, incorporating breathing patterns which help to stimulate the nervous system. This aids the elimination of toxins and increases circulation. The body feels stronger, yet supple. This is achieved using a wide range of movements, which are executed to the fullest structural and energetic capacity.

GYROTONIC® movement contains elements of yoga, dance, swimming and tai chi and is an invigorating yet harmonious training for both body and mind, helping reduce stress, prevent and alleviate pain and boost energy levels.

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