GYROTONIC exercise is offered in the form of a personal training session. The exercises are tailor made to the client and their physical capabilities. Due to the adaptability of the system, there are exercises suitable for any level; from those who wish to maintain and improve their health, to athletes and dancers needing to perform at the highest level. It is also suitable for the rehabilitation of injuries and in convalescence, for the elderly, and children.

Sessions can be booked for 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

We recommend that clients train on a weekly basis to notice a significant improvement in flexibility, co-ordination, energy, and strength. The positive effects of GYROTONIC movement, can however be felt after a single session.

The GYROTONIC system is also used widely in a therapeutic context. This work has been developed by Paul Horvarth (Juliu´s brother) a physiotherapist based at the Rheintalklinik rehabilitation clinic in Bad Krozingen, Germany. He has adapted the gyrotonic system to use it as a therapy for the following therapeutic areas:

In his clinic Paul Horvarth works closely with rehabilitation patients as well as teaching his work to GYROTONIC trainers from around the world. We are happy to be able to offer these methods.

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