During pregnancy a mother goes through many changes, both physically and emotionally. GYROKINESIS movement helps her to adapt, by providing a tailor made exercise programe, that goes beyond the purely physical. The gentle, low impact, expansive movements help the mother feel and create space between her diaphragm and pelvic floor. This allows the baby more freedom of movement, and is relaxing and restorative for both.
The leg work is non weight bearing, providing relief from heavy legs whilst toning muscles and releasing tension in joints. GYROKINESIS movement is also helpful in preventing a diastasis recti, round ligament tension, stabilizing joints and in providing lower back pain relief.
The upper body is strengthened with specific exercises which help prepare the mother for the new challenges of carrying a child.
The specific breathing patterns used support the mother by sustaining or increasing her energy levels, providing her and her growing baby with increased levels of oxygen and promoting relaxation.

The post partum programe gently eases the mother back into shape, helping restore the body after childbirth, regaining optimal levels of flexibility, strength and condition.

It is possible to bring your baby with you, and for the baby to be integrated into the training, or we can organise a babysitter in the studio for you whilst you work.

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